Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Facebook and Twitter Marketing (or The Road to Riches)

I am tired of all this talk of getting rich by using Facebook and other social media to market.  I am even more tired of the people who are telling us this shit.  Who are these people?  A better question is: how did they get rich (or successful)?  As best as I can tell, all these people are making a living by telling us that we need to use Facebook and Twitter to market.  There are number of things I find problematic with their pitch.

For one, why the fuck would anyone need these people to learn how to use Facebook and Twitter.  Seriously, 8 year old kids are using Facebook and Twitter.  Why should we pay them to teach us how to sell our services or products on Facebook and Twitter?  I'm sure most of these people don't have a degree in marketing.  Also, I bet if you look into their background you will find that most of these people failed at their last career. Hence, why they are trying to sell us on a quick dream of making more money by using Twitter and Facebook.

Second, fuck Facebook and Twitter.  I know that they are hugely popular, but what type of person looks for a professional anything on Facebook and Twitter?  Would you really hire a lawyer based on some piece of shit ad you saw on Facebook.  Or would you go to a dentist because he had a funny status update or tweet?


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