Monday, April 18, 2011

My Personal Book Club Thoughts

My reading is down this year.  As I write this post, there are 257 days left in the year.   That means in the past 99 days I have read 10 Books:
The Lincoln Lawyer. (Michael Connelly)
A Game of Thrones. (George R. R. Martin)
A Clash of Kings. (George R. R. Martin)
A Storm of Swords. (George R. R. Martin)
The Brass Verdict. (Michael Connelly)
The Dark Fields. (Alan Glynn)
The Reversal. (Michael Connelly)
Anonymous Lawyer. (Jeremy Blachman)

Solo by Choice. (Carolyn Elefant)
How to be a Rainmaker (Jeffery Fox)
Basic Economics 

I really should be reading a book every five days.  That’s about how long it takes me to read a book.  Nevertheless, I have succumbed to reading fatigue this year on more than one occasion.  This is mainly a result of reading too much in preparation for law school exams and reading miscellaneous articles related to my dissertation.   I have half a mind to keep track of all this miscellaneous reading. 

I’ve started reading Worse Than War: “Genocide, Eliminationism, and the Ongoing Assault on Humanity,” by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.  The main reason is to try to balance out my reading load.  It’s clear I need to read more nonfiction.  A big reason for all the fiction, I think, is all of the reading I do regarding law school.  The thing that really bothers me is that I find myself just sitting around watching TV too much.  I past weekend I watched three basketball games.  This week I am going to pick it up.  I’ll try to finish the Goldhagen book and read a few short books front to back – The Social Contract and Kant’s Groundwork.  I’ll be doing this as I ramp up for my finals in Contracts and Civil Procedure.  Also, the baby will be here within the next thirty days.  I can do this. 

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