Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Eye of the Tiger

I have a thing for wolves.  Especially wolves who have strayed away from the pack.  There is nothing more amazing than the lone wolf.  Except, the tiger.  Tigers are awesome.  They are these cool hunters who roam around hunting and scaring the shit out of beast and men.  There is a reason I call myself a a wolf rather than a tiger.
You see, tigers aren't very social.  Lone wolves aren't all that social.  Nevertheless, in my jaded mind wolves can always fall in and out of society as they please.  That's why I am the wolf.  I don't want to be the tiger, people love to cage tigers.  Fuck cages!!!  Consider this tiger lovers, there are about 5000 tigers in the wild, the rest are in cages.  What's worse is that people like killing tigers.  For the most part, you can't even blame men for killing them because tigers don't fuck around.  Tigers are hungry as shit.  They eat every thing with a pulse.  You can't scare a tiger with a shotgun.  You are more likely to piss a tiger off than actually scare it.  With that, I must hold that the wolf is the far better animal to imitate.

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